Hello and welcome to lucinevintage's blog!

I'll try to make you join in the fun by showing you the steps of our work.

Search moments, funny, unusual or rainy, furniture restoration, repair lamps, moments of doubt faced with the choice of fabrics to upholster a chair, etc ...

Anything that goes on behind the scene!

But also trends to follow, research, ongoing projects.

I will call for a review at any time!

I will show you the solutions to get closer to what you see on the decoration magazines, without breaking the bank!

Finally I will keep you informed about news, events in which we participate, open doors of the workshop and promotions of course!

All this in small categories:

What did we do? (before / after)

What did we see? (Vintage spirit you can recreate copying the magazines)

What did we find? (The latest finds in excluded)

What did we decorate? (Our participation in shootings, decoration shops, etc ...)

What do we love? (Our wildest fantasies Deco)

What do we offer for sale? (Our current specials, coupons and exclusive sales)

Where are we going ? (Trade shows, flea markets, all good vintage spots)

Do not put the waking up clock at 5am on Sunday morning anymore, lucinevintage will hunt for you!

Have a good slow morning!

See you soon !